June 8, 2009

Latest Project

Two Girls has been on hiatus for a year. Gina and I are both tackling our most challenging role to date: "Mom". I thought I would post some pictures of what has consumed my world for the last 8 months. It's a thrilling adventure having a baby. I admire women (and men) who have done it and continue to participate in their art. Lack of sleep alone has me hallucinating and forgetting myself. The stage calls me still but the timing hasn't been good. Not yet. We may explore some of our options in the year ahead- either here in the Quad Cities or in Chicago. I am thinking about putting Rosie back up if it jives with the show we are planning to do.

But I was wondering if, in the spaces between our performances, this blog could serve as a place to put these thoughts in my head about who I am now that this little lady has entered our life. There must be something valuable about these days too: hearing your daughter's voice for the first time, having a late night discussion with your husband, seeing a good art show or theatre performance (or a bad one), or just a safe place for those insecurities and failures that creep up to land. And so, you may be hearing from me now and again. For now, meet Amelia...

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