May 8, 2010

Technical difficulties

The important thing is that we were back on stage again after two years. The last time we performed, I was pregnant. This time, Gina is pregnant. Everything comes full circle. While we did have issues with our sound (in part because I grabbed the wrong cd- DANG IT) but somehow we managed to get through the piece. I had forgotten how funny "Knot" is and how poignant- if you can get past the protective gear and knot tying. All of a sudden I find myself in my element up there, comfortable, happy. I am already thinking about our next gig - most probably following the birth of Gina's second baby. It's amazing really, Gina and I live in different cities, and life prevents us from catching up most of the time, but the moment we are back in the same room- especially if we are rehearsing, it's as if no time has passed. I still think we are a great team. Minus the technical issues, it was a great show. We are still kicking it after all these years! Here are photos from Venus Envy QC 2010.

April 29, 2010

We're baaaaaack!

Two Girls will be performing at Venus Envy Quad Cities 2010 on the Sophia Stage @ 7:30. This time Gina will have baby on board while performing. Our reunion is much anticipated as we have not shared the stage since 2008 not to mention catching up with each other about life and what not. This year we thought we would put "Knot" back up. It seemed appropriate considering it's all about how we are bound in our lives- well that and it's one of our more lighter pieces. It feels good to be listed on the program, to scramble and scrape together the elements of this piece in the name of our partnership and our friendship. We have both faced some challenges in the previous months. Getting to perform again is therapy. Now to get ready... photos to come.