May 8, 2010

Technical difficulties

The important thing is that we were back on stage again after two years. The last time we performed, I was pregnant. This time, Gina is pregnant. Everything comes full circle. While we did have issues with our sound (in part because I grabbed the wrong cd- DANG IT) but somehow we managed to get through the piece. I had forgotten how funny "Knot" is and how poignant- if you can get past the protective gear and knot tying. All of a sudden I find myself in my element up there, comfortable, happy. I am already thinking about our next gig - most probably following the birth of Gina's second baby. It's amazing really, Gina and I live in different cities, and life prevents us from catching up most of the time, but the moment we are back in the same room- especially if we are rehearsing, it's as if no time has passed. I still think we are a great team. Minus the technical issues, it was a great show. We are still kicking it after all these years! Here are photos from Venus Envy QC 2010.