May 8, 2010

Technical difficulties

The important thing is that we were back on stage again after two years. The last time we performed, I was pregnant. This time, Gina is pregnant. Everything comes full circle. While we did have issues with our sound (in part because I grabbed the wrong cd- DANG IT) but somehow we managed to get through the piece. I had forgotten how funny "Knot" is and how poignant- if you can get past the protective gear and knot tying. All of a sudden I find myself in my element up there, comfortable, happy. I am already thinking about our next gig - most probably following the birth of Gina's second baby. It's amazing really, Gina and I live in different cities, and life prevents us from catching up most of the time, but the moment we are back in the same room- especially if we are rehearsing, it's as if no time has passed. I still think we are a great team. Minus the technical issues, it was a great show. We are still kicking it after all these years! Here are photos from Venus Envy QC 2010.

April 29, 2010

We're baaaaaack!

Two Girls will be performing at Venus Envy Quad Cities 2010 on the Sophia Stage @ 7:30. This time Gina will have baby on board while performing. Our reunion is much anticipated as we have not shared the stage since 2008 not to mention catching up with each other about life and what not. This year we thought we would put "Knot" back up. It seemed appropriate considering it's all about how we are bound in our lives- well that and it's one of our more lighter pieces. It feels good to be listed on the program, to scramble and scrape together the elements of this piece in the name of our partnership and our friendship. We have both faced some challenges in the previous months. Getting to perform again is therapy. Now to get ready... photos to come.

June 8, 2009

Latest Project

Two Girls has been on hiatus for a year. Gina and I are both tackling our most challenging role to date: "Mom". I thought I would post some pictures of what has consumed my world for the last 8 months. It's a thrilling adventure having a baby. I admire women (and men) who have done it and continue to participate in their art. Lack of sleep alone has me hallucinating and forgetting myself. The stage calls me still but the timing hasn't been good. Not yet. We may explore some of our options in the year ahead- either here in the Quad Cities or in Chicago. I am thinking about putting Rosie back up if it jives with the show we are planning to do.

But I was wondering if, in the spaces between our performances, this blog could serve as a place to put these thoughts in my head about who I am now that this little lady has entered our life. There must be something valuable about these days too: hearing your daughter's voice for the first time, having a late night discussion with your husband, seeing a good art show or theatre performance (or a bad one), or just a safe place for those insecurities and failures that creep up to land. And so, you may be hearing from me now and again. For now, meet Amelia...

May 9, 2008

Venus Envy QC 2008

Come hell or high water... people showed up for our performance in good numbers. We ended up moving inside due to the wind, but the 4th floor raw space suited the newspaper piece and our bare feet nicely. With my pregnant belly in tow, Skim Helpless Informed Buzz Dead Dead Dead went over extremely well. We really enjoyed all the great feedback, and it was wonderful to be on stage again- the two of us. Until our next project, performance, or the baby (which ever comes first), it was thrilling to have had this experience.

March 29, 2008

The Newspaper Piece comes to the Quad Cities

We are thrilled to be bringing our first original performance piece back to life and to the QC stage for Venus Envy. Skim Helpless Informed Buzz Dead Dead Dead, or The Newspaper Piece as it was affectionately named in Chicago, will be back on it's feet May 3rd, 2008 at the Bucktown Arts Center in Davenport, IA. In this performance we explore the functions of a newspaper both as a source of information as well as familiar object until it is deconstructed to leave behind torn pages; fragments of words. Because we always use the present day newspaper, current events are often layered into the performance. It's an objective reference to what's going on in the world.
We have included a couple pictures of rehearsal at the Spare Room space in Chicago until we have images from the show.

Images from "Was Home..." at Venus Envy QC 2007

April 26, 2007

Was Home...

An independent venture, Was Home... combines images of houses frozen in blocks of ice with sound installation. It explores the evolution of home. Was Home... will be displayed at Venus Envy QC 2007.