April 26, 2007

Was Home...

An independent venture, Was Home... combines images of houses frozen in blocks of ice with sound installation. It explores the evolution of home. Was Home... will be displayed at Venus Envy QC 2007.


Rosie was a piece born out of learning the true story about Rosemary Kennedy. The details surrounding her lobotomy in 1941, arranged by her father, provided a disturbing and rich tapestry of text and imagery. We wanted to be able to give Rosemary a voice to describe the life she lived before and after the procedure that left her unable to care for herself. Through letters and diary entries that Rosemary had written, we were able to uncover a personality from the past. What stays with me when I think about what was done to her, and what was taken away, was the fact that they placed her head on a sandbag during the surgery. This was the prop we used in our performance to tell her story.