March 29, 2008

The Newspaper Piece comes to the Quad Cities

We are thrilled to be bringing our first original performance piece back to life and to the QC stage for Venus Envy. Skim Helpless Informed Buzz Dead Dead Dead, or The Newspaper Piece as it was affectionately named in Chicago, will be back on it's feet May 3rd, 2008 at the Bucktown Arts Center in Davenport, IA. In this performance we explore the functions of a newspaper both as a source of information as well as familiar object until it is deconstructed to leave behind torn pages; fragments of words. Because we always use the present day newspaper, current events are often layered into the performance. It's an objective reference to what's going on in the world.
We have included a couple pictures of rehearsal at the Spare Room space in Chicago until we have images from the show.

Images from "Was Home..." at Venus Envy QC 2007